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The way forward for me as Lady Margaron

I have been a professional Mistress now for almost three years. It has come to my attention more and more that what a submissive male needs is to submit himself totally to a dominant female in a domestic setting rather than a cold dark intimidating dungeon. How else can your fantasy become reality? I can provide a personal session in a domestic setting from my private house in the heart of Lancashire or my private apartment in the city centre of Edinburgh. I can also provide outcalls to hotels and your own homes with all traveling expenses paid.

I have always been confident but I am not naturally dominant. My dress style is very elegant and the clothes I wear for my personal appointments are genuinely my own. I prefer classic tailored suits, black leather high heeled courts, satin blouses and of course my all time favourite fully fashioned nylon stockings held up by the six suspenders of a retro girdle. I am still developing a vintage retro style of my own using furs, tailored suits, riding boots and equestrian spurs and even classic hats like my antique top hat for the Riding Mistress. I occasionally smoke a scented cigarette in an elegant cigarette holder, or a More’s Menthol in my leather gloved hands or even a cigar! What looks more commanding than a mature refined lady dressed in the most elegant outfit holding a scented cigarette in her perfectly manicured hands?



My favourite scenarios are the Strict Aunt, Medical inspection, Head Mistress, Governess Strict Riding Mistress and Lady Boss. I also organise realistic kidnap scenarios using indoors and outdoors for the ultimate in realism. I enjoy force dressing my clients and transforming them into my Satin Sissy Maids with a complete uniform and underwear provided.

The time has come for me to become more selective of my clients and also of the type of personal sessions I will offer in future. The only way forward is to become the true Queen of all Mistresses and lead the way for new younger Mistresses to follow in my footsteps. I am mature in years but I have always used this to my advantage. I am very tall and have a curvaceous hour glass figure. My endless legs are as strong as any dancer’s. My dark brown hair with golden highlights is my crowing glory and at the tips of my elegant slim hands and feet you will always find a perfectly manicured set of scarlet painted nails.

Commanding foot and leg worship are my favourite services, but using my canes and whips and spanking a “naughty boy” over my knee are equally exciting. I have become expert at control by merely the gentle commanding words I speak and the look in my eyes or a gesture of my hands. There is no need to scream and shout. A personal domination session should be a mutually rewarding experience for all. You must read my reviews to discover more and to see exactly why I have become the true Queen of Mistresses.

Lady Margaron commands you to serve her. In Lancashire and also in Edinburgh. Kneel before your Queen of Mistresses and she will bewitch you with her soft voice and deep blue eyes. How refined and elegant a Mistress. Towering above you in the highest heels, holding her cane bent strictly with perfectly manicured hands. You will be entranced and belong to her forever. Lady Margaron is your Mistress.